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MobileDemand lets loose rugged xTablet T8700 tablet PC


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It may not look all that different from its previous xTablet T8600, but MobileDemand still seems to have found plenty to brag about its new xTablet T8700 rugged tablet PC, which it says offers the "industry's highest performance" in addition to "superior ruggedness." That performance is centered around a 1.2GHz Core Duo processor and a standard 2GB of RAM, which certainly isn't much compared to consumer laptops and tablet PCs, but is pretty uncommon in a rugged tablet of this class, which are usually saddled with a Celeron or the like. On that other, even more important matter (at least for anyone in the market for one of these), you can expect an MIL-STD 810F rating for ruggedness and an IP 65 rating for sealing, which you can see put to the test in video form on MobileDemand's website. Needless to say, none of this exactly comes cheap, with a hefty $3,795 required to call this one your own.

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