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Omen in Patch 2.4: Even bigger, even better

Alex Ziebart

With Patch 2.4 comes a brand new combat log and logging system, with tons of new features and capabilities. As a side effect of this, any mod or addon that uses the combat log to gather information will need to be rewritten, including the raiders' sidekick Omen.

Good news! The author has not been idle since the patch 2.4 test realms have gone up. Luckily for all of you, I have the pleasure of raiding with Antiarc(that little screenshot you've seen so often on WoW Insider is my raid group), so I've been able to get a little bit of a preview. You see that Omen screenshot on the right side there? That's us. In the coming weeks, columnist Sean Forsgren will have something more in-depth and technical for you, but for now, I'm going to walk you through the basics.

The new version of Omen, while remaining light on CPU usage, has gained the ability to track threat on multiple mobs with the same name very accurately, thanks to Blizzard's combat log revamp. In addition to that, Omen 2.0 has a few other new features. Some of them are, as I said, quite technical and won' t mean much to anybody but the modding folk. Sean will handle that quite well, I'm sure. For those of us without extensive mod knowledge, there's still some really great stuff. If you're interested, hop on past the jump and we'll get right into it!

There's a few new modes in 2.4's version of Omen, which at first glance can be a bit overwhelming if you don't know what they are or how they work. That's why I'm here! Please note that the images below have been scaled down as to not break your browser, and Omen's scale is customizable in the game. Additionally, Omen may not appear identical to what it is below once it hits Live servers. Antiarc is constantly working on making it look better. Now, the goods:

Single Target Mode
Single Target Mode is the Omen we all know and love. No further explanation needed. It is basically what we've been using this entire time except more accurate, especially in situations with multiple mobs that share the same name.

Overview Mode
Overview Mode just gives a little breakdown of who is about to pull aggro. It doesn't show a full threat list for any mob, but a very small summary of all of the mobs in combat. Potentially useful for healers that want only the top two in threat for everything in combat, for trash pulls or things of that sort.

AOE Mode
AOE Mode has a display slightly different from the rest. Rather than displaying a threat list for all mobs in combat, it has a color coded bar displaying your threat on each mob. It's fairly easy to understand: A green bar means go, orange means slow, red means stop. If your bar is getting in the red, it is probably time to Ice Block or Soulshatter. This is also useful for Protection Paladins tanking in places like Mount Hyjal. If you're anything but red on the mobs you should be tanking, you're probably doing something wrong.

Long Healer Mode is Loooooong
Healer Mode can take up quite a bit of screen space, but could turn out to be one of your most valuable tools on encounters such as Maulgar, the Illidari Council, trash pulls, or just about any encounter in which there are multiple targets being tanked and/or DPS'd.

And there you go! Omen is still highly customizable. Very little has been removed from the original incarnation of Omen, so all of your old favorite features will still be there. Despite all the new bells and whistles, the CPU usage remains minimal. A few small things haven't made it in yet, such as the ability for Omen to collapse itself once combat ends, but Antiarc assures me that they will be there. Omen 2.0 is not yet available for download, but it's certainly shaping up to be good to go once the Sunwell Plateau hits live servers.

Those of you who are interested in some of the more technical aspects of the new Omen should keep checking back for further information. We won't let you down!
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