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Software update seemingly slashes Second Life simulator script speeds

Tateru Nino

Last July, Second Life users noticed that script performance had dropped in simulators across the board since an update of server software for the virtual world. After initial responses from Linden Lab indicated that no such performance problem was occurring (and one liaison threatened to ban one user who was communicating the information), the virtual world operator identified the fault and subsequently applied a fix for the performance degradation.

Reports are coming in through the evening from many people, such as keen simulator performance-watcher Thomas Conover (who was among the first to notice the problem last time), that the problem has returned in this most recent simulator update, today.

Users are reporting a significant reduction in script performance in the updated simulators, as much as 50% (essentially, just like the last time it happened) compared to simulators that have not been upgraded. Front-line Linden Lab support and service are telling the users that no such performance degradation is taking place and that they are in error (just like last time). Who's right?

We have contacted Linden Lab for additional information.

Update: ZimZim Yonbgo has created JIRA issue MISC-975 for this issue. If this matter is of concern to you, you should vote to have it investigated.

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