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Sony announces new Bronze PSP and additional hardware for Japan

Jem Alexander

Along with the announcement that Japan will finally be getting Skype for PSP, Sony has announced a new PSP color. The Bronze PSP will be a limited edition and available, it seems, only in a value pack. Doesn't it look a bit familiar? Yes, it does. It's the same color as the upcoming Monster Hunter 2nd G limited edition PSP, but without all the fancy artwork. The only other difference is that it comes out on April 24th, almost a full month after Monster Hunter PSP's March 27th release date.

Sony is also releasing a few other pieces of additional PSP hardware in the region. Namely, a docking cradle and a new D-Terminal AV cable for PSP slims. Both will go on sale on the 24th of April, along with the new PSP. The cradle itself will cost 4,800 ($47) yen and will come with a remote control. Alternatively, you can buy the hardware bundle pack for 6,500 ($63) yen and get the AV cable with it.

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