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Survey says suits issued BlackBerry over Palm by a wide margin

Chris Ziegler

Well golly, no wonder Palm's gone on the attack against RIM. Corporate users have historically been the bread and butter of Palm's Treo line of smartphones, and with BlackBerrys of all shapes and sizes continuing to eat every other manufacturers' lunch in that profitable arena, it only makes sense that the company would be feeling more heat than ever. We're forced to take these stats with a grain of salt seeing how ChangeWave doesn't explain its surveying methods in its overview, but we've no reason to doubt the findings that 73 percent of corporate users are doled out a BlackBerry -- the same as was reported in November of last year -- while only 18 percent get a Treo, down from 28 percent a year ago. Now granted, these numbers represent the percentage of devices actually issued, which we suppose could be quite a bit different than what employees would prefer to be issued, but we doubt the difference is enough to equalize these two. What now, Palm?

[Via Palm Infocenter]

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