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Ubisoft details Assassin's Creed PC enhancements


In an attempt to address criticism aimed at the game's repetitive "investigation missions," Ubisoft has detailed (via IGN) some of the enhancements made to the PC version of free-roaming bump-off sim, Assassin's Creed. Four new types of missions will be added to protagonist Altair's premortem preamble, including "archer assassination," which tasks players with stealthily eliminating rooftop guards, and "escort challenge," an exercise in protecting a fellow (seemingly inept) assassin as he wanders to a specific location. Also new to the personal computer will be the rather impolite "merchant stand destruction challenge," a pastime that's sure to exude the same amount of subtlety seen in "rooftop race challenge." We're surprised Ubisoft didn't throw in some pizza delivery missions for good measure.

Still, considering the more diverse activities and enhanced guard AI (no more blending right next to a corpse!), PC gamers won't be waiting until "early April" without compensation. And just so you know, we never partook in all the assassin hate -- we liked the clambering and killing well enough to put it in our list of top ten games of last year.

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