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Wii TV Guide Channel debuts! ... in Japan

Eric Caoili

We were skeptical about the usefulness of Nintendo's Television no Tomo Channel G Guide when the application was first announced -- we assumed it would be a simple listing of future and currently-playing shows. According to initial impressions of the recently launched (in Japan) channel, however, there's a lot more to it!

Users can rate shows, share their favorite shows with friends, and mark their favorite programs to receive email/text alerts a half hour before they begin ... in Japan.

The coolest feature we've heard about, though, is the ability to use the Wii remote as a universal remote control. Wii owners can use the controller to change channels, adjust the volume, and switch back and forth between their shows and the TV Guide Channel. Apparently, the sensor bar transmits your commands to your TV, making this all possible ... in Japan.


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