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Bliss Island XBLA Details, Achievements


Bliss Island
is a PC and PSP game developed by PomPom, the same developers that did Mutant Storm's Empire and Reloaded. The PC game is being brought to XBLA with little fanfare, as prior to this we only had info about the game from the infamous ESRB leak-a-thon. So with such limited information out there, it's a bit strange for the entire site to just pop up out of nowhere, especially with the full set of achievements and no release date.

The game itself revolves around moving into objects into position using blasts of air. The gameplay has been described as a 3D, puzzle-inspired, kiddy version of billiards, with a dash of WarioWare thrown in. As fun as the game could (or could not) be, the news is still a bit strange when comparing the XBLA feature list to that of the previous releases on PSP and PC. The XBLA version has around 25 challenges across 9 levels and with single player and online multiplayer. Whereas the PC version has 90 challenges via 5 levels and two single player modes. Do we smell quick cash-in attempt?

Achievements listed after the break.

Fruit Smoothie 5
Complete Fruit Smoothie in adventure mode.

Brick Invaders 10
Complete Brick Invaders in adventure mode.

Bronze Levels 15
Complete all the bronze levels.

Silver Levels 20
Complete all the silver levels.

Gold Levels 25
Complete all the gold levels.

First Medal 5
Win a medal by completing a task.

Three Medals 10
Win three medals by completing three tasks.

Bronze Medals 15
Win all the bronze medals.

Silver Medals 25
Win all the silver medals.

Gold Medals 35
Win all the gold medals.

Three-Nil 15
Win a game of Fluffy Football 3-0.

Five-Nil 20
Win a game of Multiplayer Forest Frenzy 5-0.

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