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Earthrise, crafting, and you


"Every item in Earthrise will be crafted by its players."

Wow, that's a bold statement from the devs. Apparently the game's crafting system will go far beyond tinkering with your standard weapons, armor and equipment. Players will actually be able to mix their own drugs and medicine, erect buildings, fix vehicles and even build mechanized exoskeletons. Exoskeletons + post-apocalyptic setting = winnah!

Crafting can help to make or break a game (for some). I'm not one of those people. So when they say "crafting in Earthrise is a complex process that is easy to understand but ultimately difficult to master." It really better be easy or I'm just gonna forget about it, hop into my exoskeleton and go Ripley on some mutants. The Q&A really is a good read, and gives some very detailed specifics on how the whole system will pan out (theoretically). Check it out!

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