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Hooray for new galleries!


In our eternal quest to bring our readers (that's you!) the latest and greatest in internet technologies (these tubes don't run themselves, after all), Xbox 360 Fanboy is proud to announce the arrival of our new and improved gallery system. Our new gallery system supports higher resolutions and allows users to leave comments on individual images. In the standard view, a low resolution image appears on the left side of the screen with the description on the right. But, if you click "Hi-Res" on the upper right, you'll be taken to the full resolution version of the image. Seriously, on a scale of one to ten, how cool is that? The change is retroactive to all of our previous galleries, so if you want to leave a comment about, say, our Game Fuel gallery, you can! Please enjoy our new gallery system, and look forward to more gallery content in the future. Check out the gallery below to see all the new features for yourself.


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