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Lineage II's Bunny Money event


NCsoft has something funtastical (see what I did there?) in mind to celebrate the coming of Spring in Lineage II. According to their press release: 'Adventurers all across Aden and Elmore will soon be able to travel to the curious shores of Fantasy Isle (sans the long swim), where its diminutive inhabitants are celebrating the season with a new event called Bunny Money!'

They don't say what the event actually entails (you'll have to visit their homesite on March 7th to find that out), but some of the prizes are S-grade armor, high-grade Soul Crystals, shadow Agathion bracelets, and more! If those sound enticing to you, you'll still have to wait until Friday to find out how you'll get them.

Call me a nostalgist, but when I read the words 'diminutive inhabitants' in the same sentence as 'Fantasy Isle', all I can hear in my head is 'Da plane, boss! Da plane!'

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