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Look out, parents: kids determining what's watched on VOD

Darren Murph

While carriers and broadcasters seem to be on a mission to deliver video-on-demand content that hard-working adults can view on their own schedules, it could be all for naught. According to new research gathered by Verizon, it's the youngsters who are generally controlling what's watched via VOD. Granted, the release suggests that it's the busy parents turning to VOD for more family friendly programming, but we all know who's pushing the buttons at the end of the day. Last month, for instance, the top ten free VOD titles watched on FiOS TV were shows specifically aimed at kids, and considering the convenience and inexpensiveness (can't beat gratis, eh?), we suppose we aren't too surprised to hear of parents choosing VOD to satisfy demands for Dora the Explorer 24/7. Still, we'd love to see a similar report using viewer data from all carriers of VOD -- surely the rug-rats aren't dominating the tube everywhere, right?

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