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Mariah Carey demands 802.11n, Kenneth touch her body

Nilay Patel

We're not sure why Mariah Carey keeps putting nerdy dudes in her videos -- remember Jerry O'Connell showing up in Heartbreaker? (Don't ask how we knew that.) -- but her latest, Touch My Body, stars Jack McBrayer of 30 Rock fame, and takes it to the next dorktastic level. Not only do the lyrics reference YouTube (and terrifyingly, hunting you down if you so much as think about putting a certain type of video on it), but the video features Guitar Hero, laser tag, and Mimi requesting -- nay, demanding! -- to be upgraded to 802.11n WiFi because "... the download speed was killing me." We wish we were kidding. Mariah, look, we'll be honest -- CompuNerds are ripping you off. We don't usually do house calls, but we may make an exception if you ask nicely.

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