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Take-Two's Zelnick reiterates rejection of EA buyout


Take-Two Executive Chairman Strauss Zelnick continues to hold the line against EA's buyout offer, repeating once again the company still isn't interested. In a Q&A with The Hollywood Report, Zelnick believes that consolidation is likely to continue in the industry, but he would like Take-Two to remain an "independent company."

We'll have to wait and see if it's just lip service, but Zelnick actually says a few things that stray from the well-paved path we've seen from EA and (ever-increasingly) Activision. He finds pride in the progress made over the last 10 months since taking over the company and then commits the video game executive version of shock-and-awe by saying, "Does consolidation create better games for consumers? Does it create better careers for the creatives? Those questions are just as important. If all stakeholders aren't taken care of, then none of the stakeholders will benefit." If Take-Two survives what some analysts say is the inevitability of an EA buyout, and Zelnick sticks with that line of thinking, we may have to send him a Valentine's Day card next year. We'll have to find out if he prefers flowers or chocolates?

[Via GameDaily]

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