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World to blame: Mario & Sonic Olympics sells 5 million units


The first pairing of two icons, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, sold five million units worldwide on the DS and Wii. GameDaily reports the joint Sega/Nintendo published title -- which met to less-than-stellar reviews -- reached the milestone in a little over three months, beating Sega's own expectations. Simon Jeffery, Sega of America's prez. and COO stated in a release that the game is "clearly resonating with the growing audience of casual gamers that want an engaging and accessible gaming experience."

Jeffery goes on to say that the Olympics are still four months away, so he expects M&S at the OG to be sellin' with the quickness for a while. Also, in an amazing moment of restraint for an executive, Jefferey says he doesn't want to "dilute" the idea of Mario and Sonic teaming up by throwing them together all the time, he doesn't think it would be "the right thing to do." And which territory is to blame for this game selling well? Turns out the sales have "been pretty even, almost remarkably so" globally. Time to confess and repent, who bought this mini-game cash-in?

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