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Zero Punctuation: Yahtzee cries about DMC4


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Known for his withering opinions on popular titles, a gamer in Australia known as Yahtzee releases a new episode of his video reviews via The Escapist every Wednesday. Known as "Zero Punctuation" due to the lack of natural pauses and breathing, Yahtzee takes on games for the purpose of humor and sarcasm. This week his victim is Devil May Cry 4 and boy, does he make it weep. Touching on everything from anime conventions to unentertaining cinematics to the nature of the main characters and plot. Despite giving the game its due for fun and stylish combat, he finds a ridiculous amount of stuff that detracts from it (for him and his review anyway) and really takes the game to task for its retracing of steps and short length. As always, the humor is the highlight and if you disagree with his opinions, best to simply find what you can to be funny and move on. As a final parting note we leave you with this: Old Meat. Wasp+Spider+Slipknot+Gummy Bears.

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