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Apple announces App Store for iPhone, iPod touch


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Apple finally let us know how we're going to grab all those snazzy new SDK-developed apps: App Store. The application will run right on your iPhone or iPod touch (it's going to be included in the next firmware update) and lets you choose your apps and download them straight to the device. Unfortunately this will be the "exclusive way" to get new apps, which might not sit well with the "free, as in free speech" crowd. Apps will include an electronic certificate, and if a developer does something malicious, Apple can "track them down and tell their parents." Porn is also a no-no. Developers get a 70% cut of revenue, while Apple takes 30% for store "upkeep," though the company claims it does not plan to make money off the store, and if developers wish to release their app for free they can certainly do so. You can also sideload applications you've purchased in iTunes, and updates can be pushed automatically to your app by developers.

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