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Codemasters readies new action franchise: Damnation

Justin McElroy

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Codemasters just pulled the shroud off of a new action franchise it'll be rolling out to the PC, 360 and PS3 this winter: Damnation. The main selling point seems to be the vertical orientation, as you'll drop thousands of vertical feet each level as you take on an evil arms dealer described in the press release we received as "unstoppable" (honestly, why are we even trying then?). Also, expect vehicles like motorcycles and tanks, along with multiplayer. There's a bit more info here, if you're curious.

The most surprising thing about the announcement isn't that levels will apparently take up to three hours to complete, or that it's the first project from studio Blue Omega Entertainment. It's not even that the release says the game's plot is "truly an ensemble piece." No, the most surprising thing to us is that no one has titled a game Damnation before now. Really? Can that be right?

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