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Famitsu confirms Disgaea for Nintendo DS in Japan

Jason Dobson

As soon as NIS America began showing signs of affection, albeit casual, for Nintendo's touchable portable, hopes began to rise for the company's popular turn-based strategy series Disgaea to make the leap to the small screen. Now, according to CVG (and a crack translation team at AkaYuki), the company's Japanese arm has revealed plans to bring the franchise to the Nintendo DS in the Land of the Rising Fun.

The report, pulled from the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu, calls the game Disgaea: Prince of the Demon World. While little else has been revealed, the title alone suggests that the game stands a good chance of being a port of the original Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, which centered on Laharl, the Prince of the game's demon-infested anime hell. If true, this would be disappointing, given that it would mark the third pass at the material following last year's remake for the PSP. Then again, maybe being able to physically touch co-star Etna will be enough to inspire another visit to the Netherworld.

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