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GarageGames' InstantAction beta open to the public, c'mon in

Though it doesn't "officially" launch until tomorrow, the fine folks at GarageGames let us know that you can sign-up for their InstantAction "platform" immediately – great for those of you eager to secure your precious gaming nom de guerre – and then sign-in to check out the service in beta.

If you're not familiar with InstantAction, you can check out our preview of the service from last year, or settle for the following description: 3D "console quality" games in a web browser (note: PC only for now, though Mac and Linux compatibility is under works). Hit up and click the giant red "Sign Up" button to get going. We just made an account for ourselves; we'll have a tour of the service up shortly, as well as a giveaway for you starting tomorrow. If you sign up, share your Username with us.

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