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Kalgan offers a possible WoTLK sneak peek for Warlocks


Kalgan chimed in on a thread in which the original poster insisted that Warlocks, despite dodging the bullet on life tap, still have a nerf bat incoming somewhere. He rebuffed the poster with a nice little tidbit that may intrigue Warlocks. He also ensures us that, no, he does not hate certain classes.

He says that they'd like to give Warlocks some type of escape or defense mechanism so that they don't have to balance warlocks around the idea that they'd be "tanking" melee classes in PvP. By melee classes, I assume he means Warriors, who can shake off a Warlock's main defense, Fear, with very little trouble in multiple ways.

He even brings up a spell that Warlocks may be getting in the expansion.

He describes it as "a spell that places a circle of demonic power on the ground. The warlock would be able to teleport to this location from within a relatively short range (ie: 40 yards), and would also be able to summon demons more quickly if they're standing within the circle."

As someone with a level 70 PvP Warlock, I'm not completely convinced yet that this is a completely workable form of self defense (I'm still a fan of a short duration self Banish, but that my be because I'm an Affliction Warlock), but 40 yards is at least out of Intercept range and the range of most ranged attacks, and would definitely be useful for giving us some breathing room. At the same time, we might just see the warriors and rogues camping near the circle so we couldn't use it as an escape route.

Mind you, they're still testing this, and we won't see it until WoTLK at the earliest, if they don't scrap it altogether. Still, any possible little preview like this is incredibly exciting to see, and we can only that this trickle might lead to an opening of the floodgates. Here's to more sneak peeks!

It's probably also worth a mention that Kalgan once again assured us that no, neither he nor any other team member hates your class. Whether you believe him is up to you, of course.

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