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Sega: Hardcore gamers shouldn't be 'excommunicated' from Wii

Ross Miller

After lauding its casual market domination with Mario & Sonic at the Olympics, Sega of America President Simon Jeffrey decided to switch gears, discussing with GameDaily the merits of hardcore gaming on the Wii. In short, Jeffrey feels that Western publishers are making a mistake by ignoring the hardcore gamers who own a Wii.

Unfortunately, other than providing a tantalizing and hypothetical (i.e. not happening) assertion that Condemned would have been great to play with the Wii remote, Jeffrey made no clear commitments to release titles appealing to the hardcore crowd, instead saying, "There's no reason why [hardcore gamers] should be excluded or excommunicated from the Nintendo world," Jeffrey said. Our only hope is that "hardcore" to Sega doesn't mean "let's make a darker Sonic and give him a gun."

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