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THQ has spirit with 'All Star Cheer Squad' for Wii, DS

Kyle Orland

Gimme a T! Gimme an H! Gimme a Q! What's that spell? The publisher of the world's first competitive cheerleading game! Gooooo THQ! Yaaaaaaay!

Come on everybody, join in! All Star Cheer Squad is its name, Wii and DS will get the game! DS players scribble hard, Wii owners use the Balance Board! Squad face-offs and one-on-one, Remote and Nunchuk join the fun! Choreographed by Tony G. -- he did that Bring it On movie!

No release date in just yet, bet you'll wait with baited breath! Gooooo Cheer Squad! Whoooooo!

[Via GamingTarget, thanks John]

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