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WAR's Q2 release date "set in mud"

Chris Chester

There was a big uproar recently on the Warhammer Alliance forums when one astute forumer noted that gaming mega-retailer Gamestop had updated the release date on Warhammer Online to September 2 of this year. Retailers are sometimes privy to information that gamers are not, so every now and again we'll get an update on a release date from them long before publishers are willing to make a peep. We put the emphasis on sometimes, because there are occasions where the date they set is almost completely arbitrary. Or, as is evidently the case with Warhammer Online, as part of some sort of typographical error.

WAR big-wig Mark Jacobs stepped in to assure gamers that this was a mistake on Gamestop's part. Or, according to Jacobs, "Actually what happened was that GameStop got confused between the various EA release dates for September and put another games release date in for WAR. At least that's what they told us when we called them to ask WTF?" WTF, indeed. Jacobs went on to reiterate that while no release date is set in stone, they're sticking to their Q2 guns. As an alternative, he suggested that the release date is "set in mud" instead. While we appreciate his dedication to finding the most appropriate analogy, perhaps he could have thought of one that wasn't quite so... dirty?

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