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BDA not licensing Blu-ray technology to Chinese manufacturers

Darren Murph

When we posed the question of buying a Blu-ray player now or simply holding tight for prices to inevitably fall, we received a variety of responses. Still, just about everyone could agree that lower prices on standalone players would be excellent for consumers, but those delectable deep discounts may be quite aways off. According to Stan Glascow, the president of Sony Electronics, the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) -- the group that maintains control over the BD standard -- has yet to license the technology to any Chinese manufacturers. In other words, prices are staying relatively high due to the lack of competition from China, not to mention the lack of another major format to keep things in line. Continuing future, he did admit that there would eventually be Chinese Blu-ray players on the market, but he did note that it didn't "need to drive that and hand the technology over" any time soon. So much for those Christmas in July (2008) wishes, eh?

[Thanks, Jake B.]

: For whatever it's worth, China Hualu Group Co., Ltd is listed on the BDA's website of licensees. Interesting. Thanks for the heads-up, Dave!

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