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LoN: Inquisitor launches today

Dan O'Halloran

The third set in the Legends of Norrath digital trading card game, Inquisitor launches today. Since we wrote up our first look last month, we've discovered a few new things. Mostly our unhealthy obsession with loot cards.

You see, in every pack of cards you buy, there is a chance to get one card that can be redeemed for an item within EverQuest or EverQuest II. And I don't mean just a souvenir loincloth or a +2 Ring of Useless Stat. I mean shiny things like unique mounts, snazzy cloaks, new titles, new pets and new weapon graphics. Did we mention the shiny??

Loot cards that can be redeemed for EQ and loot cards that can be redeemed for EQ2 are profiled on the official LoN site. If you are looking to get your hands on your own shiny, a weekend LoN: Inquisitor tournament starts today.

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