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Metareview: MLB '08 The Show

Nick Doerr

We're very apologetic when we admit that none of us on staff at PS3 Fanboy really play sports titles. Especially when we hear such good things about MLB '08: The Show. Guilt, maybe. We're missing out, but since it's not our forte and would feel stupid for passing judgment on something we're not particularly experienced with, we decided to give The Show a metareview instead of a full review. So, what are other sites saying about this game and how it stacks up compared to last year's rendition? Take the jump to find out.

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From what we could find, so far The Show has gotten these scores from some major review sites:

  • IGN: 8.7 / 10 -- "... instead of simply patching the visuals or fixing some of the AI problems, just about every facet of the game has been improved on radically, making this the best version of The Show on any system to date."
  • GameDaily: 9.0 / 10 -- "MLB '08 was built from the ground up on the PlayStation 3, utilizing the system's power to create a beautiful recreation of America's pastime, full of realistic animations, detailed parks and impressive crowds ... It's so good, you'll play it right up to next year's edition."
  • GameTap: 9.0 / 10 -- "Playing MLB '08 is the closest any of us cyberathletes has come to experiencing what it's like to step to the plate against Johan Santana (or hop over the first base line at Chase Field). It also features one of the best single-player experiences in any sports game, Road to the Show."
We actually saw a much lower score from G4TV (a 3 / 5), but really, who can trust them that much? Besides, most other sites seem to be in agreement: this is a fantastic baseball game for the PS3. What makes it stand out is how different it is from last year's, apparently. Last year, the game was more of a port from the PS2 to the PS3, but now it seems to have gotten a lot more attention for the newest Sony console. The graphics are fantastic and the gameplay is tweaked so that it's just what baseball fans are looking for. If we could put it in hockey terms, this would be called a "slam dunk" of a game. We're so athletic.

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