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One Shots: A Sarnak cowboy sunset

Okay, we know EverQuest II isn't a western cowboy-type MMO, but this particular screenshot put us in mind of old-school cowboy TV shows from the 50's. It was sent in to us by Firelore, who plays a L42 Warden. It features the swirling winds and blazing sun of the Sinking Sands zone. We keep expecting to see tumbleweeds blowing by every time we look at it.

If you've got an interesting image of your journeys, (with or without cowboy-themed vibe) what are you waiting for? Join the fun and send them to us at! Add in a blurb about what you were doing/why it's so cool so the rest of us can share in your adventure, and voila. Yours could be the next up on One Shots!

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