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SNY to deliver every New York Mets game in HD

Darren Murph

While we heard that all 144 Blue Jays games would be aired in glorious high-definition on one channel or another, SNY has just announced that it "will produce every New York Mets regular season game -- in 2008 and beyond -- in high-definition." Previously, SNY had delivered just the home games in HD, but now you won't be forced to rack up those airline miles in order to catch your beloved Mets in something more than SD. The fun gets started when the home team travels down to Florida to take on the Marlins at 4:00PM on March 31st. Of course, you still may want to catch a game at the upcoming Citi Field every now and then -- we can only imagine how 12,000 square feet of HD signage will look in person.

[Thanks, Tom D.]

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