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The Daily Grind: Mobile MMOs and you

Mike Schramm

Apple's big introduction of the iPhone SDK was big news yesterday for developers, and it (along with the up and coming Google Android) will likely have lots of far reaching implications on the world of gaming, and (considering how connected mobile devices are becoming) the world of mobile MMOs.

But are you interested in such a thing? Do you really want to be playing MMOs wherever you go? Lots of people think they spend too much time playing MMOs already, and bringing massively multiplayer games into cell phones and mobile devices might just spread them a little too far into your life than you feel comfortable with.

Most WoW players wouldn't mind checking their ingame mail even when they're not near a computer, but from what we've heard from some developers, mobile MMOs might end up being a lot more than that. Are you interested in an MMO you can play anywhere, or would you rather relegate your MMO time to the computer, and be able to step away from it when you can?

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