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Turning Point is too 'high concept' for reviewers, says CEO


Filmmaker Kevin Smith once responded to the negative reviews of his heartfelt drama Jersey Girl by stating that the film "wasn't for critics." It was a comment that attracted the attention of Penny Arcade, and even spawned some of their most memorable characters. So imagine how our favorite webcomic entrepreneurs will react to the recent comments made by Spark Unlimited CEO Craig Allen, who believes that Turning Point: Fall of Liberty is being reviewed the wrong way.

Responding to recent unfavorable reviews of Turning Point, Allen stated that the game was never meant for "core gamers," and that those looking at the title with a critical eye are not the intended audience. According to him, the alternate-universe World War II FPS is a "high concept idea," enjoyable by those who just want to have fun, and aren't looking for innovation or technical breakthroughs.

Despite his defense of the title, Allen states the team's next game, Legendary, will address many of the problems gamers and critics had with Turning Point, but it won't necessarily be a "better" game. Because Turning Point wasn't actually "bad." Apparently.

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