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You won't get away that easily - Getaway 3 still in production

Jem Alexander

You know what they say; no news is good news. That is, unless you're talking about video games. We haven't heard about The Getaway 3 since E3 2006 almost two years ago. Two years without news usually means the project has been cancelled. Thankfully, that's not the case this time as an interview with the game's writer, Katie Ellwood, has been published today on the British website Den Of Geek. In it Ellwood confirms that not only is The Getaway 3 still in production, but there's a possibility of a movie too.

"We are certainly talking to production houses about a movie for the third game in the Getaway series. The story and game script for this one is very exciting, as is the writer we have on board." says Ellwood. "I'm afraid I can't give any further information, other than to say: watch this space." Watch this space? We certainly will be.


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