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Autofollow + AFK = bad idea


Many thanks to Agate of Eldre'Thalas for providing us with the video!

So I was out working on heroic Steam Vaults with some friends last night. Like usual Hydromancer Thespia was being a pain, and we wiped a couple of times. On one of the death walks back, fellow guildie Agate and I meet up with another group of ghosts running over to Coilfang Reservoir. Nothing new there.

Except Agate noticed a couple of guys running behind him. After a bit of moving around he confirmed that they were in fact on auto-follow.

"Hahaha, look at this, these two guys are following me. Should I have some fun?" he asks over vent.

"Yes!" the rest of the group answers back enthusiastically. After all, what better cure for the wiping blues than playing with someone on auto-follow? So off we go, merrily rolling along as ghosts to the outer reaches of Hellfire Peninsula, dragging this slacker along with us. When you're watching the video, Agate is in the lead, the auto-follower is in the middle, and I'm in the back on Osullivan.

Now granted, this might not have been the nicest thing to do – but neither is auto following a character that not only isn't in your group, but one that you don't know. The autofollow function is great for dual boxing and helping people along with quick /afks during raids. But auto following can be a dangerous thing, as is demonstrated in the video.

Eventually the person playing the toon was rezzed, just as we were about to bring him over to Thrallmar and then off to the twisting nether.

What do you think of auto-follow? Every have anyone follow your ghost around?

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