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Addon Spotlight: LuckyCharms2

Sean Forsgren

Marking targets is an art form, one that requires tactical know-how of whatever instance or raid you happen to find yourself. This duty can fall to your raid leader, your tank or some other designated distributor of raid markers. Of course, the exception is often the Protection Paladin who often requires no crowd control and lets DPS go to town on whichever target they want. But, eventually, even a great multi-target tank needs to establish a kill order. Regardless of who does the job, LuckyCharms2 can provide an easy-to-use raid marking interface.

During my days as a Protection Paladin, I started out using the somewhat clunky, default raid-marking interface. A druid friend eventually clued me into the concept of binding the aptly named lucky charm markers to keys, which made my marking endeavors much easier. However, being an addon junky, and a confessed clicker, I knew there had to be something better for me. Enter, LuckyCharms2, a nice little addon which allows you to assign raid icons by using a small frame displaying the different lucky charms.

LuckyCharms2 is an addon that will more than likely appeal to the addon-addicted masses, as the job can just as easily be done with keybindings. It's a simple idea and a simple addon. Like many addons, it takes something that already exists as part of the default interface and makes it easier to access or more appealing to some users.
It is an Ace addon, which should please many of you who swear by the Ace system. It can be downloaded from the Ace files page as well.

The basic commands for LuckyCharms2 are:

/lc2 help - brings up the in-game help
/lc2 config - opens the configuration interface
/lc2 reset - resets Lucky Charms2 to default configuration

The configuration interface is simple, it allows you to scale the bars, change the opacity and toggle the display of various features. Its about as simple as it gets, which is perfectly appropriate for this type of addon.

One additional feature that I enjoy is the Ready Check button. It sits just above your box of lucky charms, but can be hidden by selecting the option to do so in the configuration interface. Perhaps some of you don't make regular use of the ready check option, but I find it tremendously useful. Its easy enough to type /readycheck, but if you're using LuckyCharms2, this function fits right in with your play style.

LuckyCharms2 isn't going down in history as one of the great powerhouse addons, but it can certainly make raid marking an easier task. Take it out for a test drive and let me know your thoughts!

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