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Huckabee decompresses after election defeat with lasagna and Rock Band

Following the primary elections of Vermont, Rhode Island, Texas and Ohio on March 4, a date affectionately known by many political junkies as "Super Tuesday 2: Electric Boogaloo", the Republican party found themselves with a candidate presumptive in John McCain following Mike Huckabee's resignation. How did the former Arkansas governor recover from watching his presidential aspirations crash and burn, you ask? He did what any of us would do -- he played some Rock Band, and he macked on some 'zanya.

It was a fitting end for the bass-slapper-turned-presidential-candidate, as his staffers gathered around to enjoy the layered Italian treat, and to witness Huck's well-documented aptitude with peripheral-based rhythm games. Regardless of your political views and endorsements, we think we can all agree that the gaming community would be well-served by a president that shared Huckabee's fervor for video games of any kind. His reported Garfield-esque penchant for lasagna, however, we could take or leave.

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