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The Getaway still on its way to PS3, possibly to theatres

Though not as critically acclaimed or financially successful as other games of its ilk, The Getaway series has found a cult following in the "Get Carter" crowd -- the aficionados of British crime cinema. This niche group of gangster-loving film buffs will probably be pleased to learn that not only is a Getaway release still on its way to the PS3, but a film adaptation of the game is also possibly in the cards.

These hints were dropped by The Getaway 3's writer, Katie Ellwood, who mentioned that SCEA was in talks with various production houses to try and hand off the rights to bring the series to theatres. It's certainly a better body of work to base a movie off of than other game-adapted films we can think of -- a sentiment we wouldn't suggest disagreeing with, unless you wish to be fed to half-starved pigs (link NSFW, and completely awesome).

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