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WoW Insider is taking over the world


Reader Andy wrote in this morning to tell us about what he read while having his morning cup of joe. From the The Guardian's article on The world's 50 most powerful blogs:

"46. WoW Insider"

Ummm... really? Cool!

While I consider us to be a major source of news, information, and QQness about World of Warcraft related things, I never really thought that we'd ever be included on a list like this. It's kind of nice. So who did we beat? And who beat us?

Well, let's start with who we beat... "Angry black bitch", "Stylebubble", "AfterEllen", and "Copyblogger". Alright, pretty cool. We beat them like Ony beat the pulp out of me last night (more on that later today!).

Who beat us? Some of the names I recognized and read often enough include: "The Huffington Post" (#1), "Techcrunch" (#3), "Drudge Report" (#11), "TMZ" (#15), "Engadget" (#16).

I'm a Kevin Smith hack, and I would have loved for us to be up at number 37. That way I could have walked around all day yelling "37?!", instead I'm going to be saying "46?!" But oh well, his blog didn't even make the list; and part of me thinks it should have.

All in all, not too shabby if I don't say so myself. As I'm just waking up after a long night of PvP testing on the TTR, getting ready for some action today during the stress test, I'm going to go mix myself a mimosa and cheers to my fellow WoW Insider writers and all of our readers.

This site wouldn't be the same, or even exist, with out all of you! Thanks!

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