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Image credit: converted into phishing scam, Sega warns


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"Do you still own a Dreamcast?" asks By all appearances, the supposed official site of Sega's cherished console has received a legitimate update, exciting loyalists that have been anticipating the system's 10-year anniversary later this year. By clicking on the question, visitors are prompted to accept a user agreement for an email account (apparently tied to Gmail). Applicants must supply a console serial number, email address, and password before being granted a [serial number] Gmail address.

The thing is ... Sega no longer owns Oh dear. While we have yet to obtain an English language statement from Sega, Japanese news site Mainichi has confirmed that is no longer owned by Sega and is using the official Dreamcast and company logos illegally. Additionally, the current domain registration information is also fraudulent. Engadget Japanese reached out to Sega for further clarification, and a representative stated that Sega is considering "appropriate measures." As we wait for further information, please (please!) do not submit any personal information to You've been warned.

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