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DS Daily: One-handed


Trying to get my game on while experiencing the real-life version of Imagine: Babyz (only cuter and without the z) has opened my eyes to something: too many games require the use of both hands! I can read while cuddling the child, so why can't I sit around with my DS? Oh, sure, I can play a few games, but too many require both hands, which means they're going to sit on my shelf for a while.

Why's this important? Well, it's really not, at least for me -- I'll survive -- but when reader Zack wrote in to tell us about his uncle, it made me pay particular attention. See, Zack's uncle only has full use of one hand, but he loves his DS. Zack wrote to us asking that we ask you for your recommendations on games that require mainly stylus input. Of course, he knows the obvious titles, like the Ace Attorney series ... what he's looking for are more obscure titles. Even homebrew games will work! So start your day off by doing something nice: recommend your favorites, and help out a fellow gamer.

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