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Hyatt Place bringing March Madness to traveling fans

Darren Murph

For those who have already shed tears seeing that their upcoming business trip will take them away from their home during March Madness, we've excellent news. If there just so happens to be a Hyatt Place -- which is known for keeping sports fan on-the-go in the loop -- wherever you're headed, you (probably) won't miss a minute of the always unpredictable action. Announced today, college hoops fans staying at over 90 select hotels from March 20th - 23rd and 27th - 28th can book the March Basketball Package, which will give them a one-day subscription to DirecTV's Mega March Madness, early check-in on game day and a game-day snack pack including a pizza and drinks. Better still, the complimentary WiFi will enable you to stay connected to real-time stats, but we know your eyes aren't going to glance away from the 42-inch HDTV for long.

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