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Mac 101: faster widget management


If you make any kind of extensive use of the OS X Dashboard, you probably close as many widgets as you open. Usually, that means hitting the plus sign at the lower left of the screen to reveal the widget bar, clicking the "X" on the widget you want to remove, and then closing the widget bar. Seems like there should be a faster way, right? Tipster Nass has a solution for you.

Next time you want to close a widget, just hold down the option key (???) while your mouse is over it. You'll see the "X" button on the current widget and can close all the widgets you want without ever having to open the widget bar. Sure, it's only a couple of seconds saved, but if you shuffle widgets as often as I do, that could add up to entire minutes being added back on to your life.

This being Mac 101, I'll also mention that ???-= will pop up the widget bar instantly without having to reach for the mouse, and ???-[left arrow] and ???-[right arrow] will scroll the bar. But you already knew that, having diligently read every page of the OS X help file, right?

Thanks, Nass!

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