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Ubisoft reveals DS pedometer, our fight against the flab begins here


Do your evenings typically consist of you perching your overweight frame on the couch, slurping down microwaveable pizzas between guttural sobs of despair? If so, the compact device above could be the way to a healthier, leaner you. Why? Because that's the pedometer that will ship with Ubisoft's My Weight Loss Coach, silly!

We've already stated how much we like this game's simple-yet-elegant visual style, and My Weight Loss Coach's pedometer only elevates it further above more standard training fare on the DS. The idea is straightforward enough: keep the pedometer on your person all day, letting it count every step you take, then plug it into the GBA slot of your DS and let the software analyze how much blubber you've burned off. Pretty soon, you'll look a bit like this guy, right down to the toned arms and rictus grin. Excellent!

This should be arriving in Europe this summer, so until then you'll have to breathe in sharply if you want to squeeze into the gallery below.


[Via press release]

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