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Will we ever see Imagination Is the Only Escape?

Candace Savino

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Imagination is the Only Escape is only in its early stages, and yet, the game is already causing controversy.

This Holocaust-themed title is about a Jewish boy in Eastern France during WWII, when the Nazis occupied the territory. The game's world then becomes a fantasy land, imagined by the boy in order to "escape" the harshness of reality. The New York Times caused some alarm this morning, though, reporting that Nintendo wouldn't be releasing Luc Bernard's DS game to America.

The article, however, might have been jumping the gun. It's true that Nintendo of America has no plans to distribute this title, but Bernard hasn't even approached the company yet. A representative from Alten8, Imagination's potential publisher, also told Eurogamer that no one has blocked the game and that it's still in its early stages.

Does that mean the game is in the clear, though? Not necessarily.

Alten8 issued a press release today after the whole debacle, informing us that although they have options on Imagination and some other of Bernard's works, "No decision has been taken by Alten8 on whether to proceed with this [sic] games in terms of development."

Imagination seems to be facing a lot of obstacles from the get-go. Such a delicate subject matter has left it with an uncomfortable publisher, and even if Alten8 or another company picks up this title, it must still be approved by Nintendo. We hope the game makes it, though (assuming, of course, that it's done tastefully, which we think it will be).

On a side note, Bernard has stated that he'd like to donate Imagination's profits to groups trying to end the current genocide in Darfur.

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