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Bubble Wrap Keychain: The Game for Wii Ware


Bandai's "Mugen Puchi Puchi" keychain was a huge success in Japan, fulfilling the near-universal love of popping bubble wrap. The draw is that it simulates bubble wrap but never runs out (the name translates to "infinite pop pop"), and playing wacky noises on every hundredth pop. It's as bizarrely compelling as it sounds.

And now it's going to be a bizarrely compelling video game! Ouchi de Mugen Puchi Puchi Wii is a game based on the premise of "oh, hey, bubble wrap!" You'll be able to squeeze bubbles with the Wiimote, scoring combos based on popping in time with the game's music. Each of around 40 stages will have a different background, music, and bubble popping sound! The game will also randomly test your stress level, which is almost guaranteed to be chill. We're calling it right now: this is our most-wanted Wii Ware game. Bandai Namco has to do the right thing here and localize it.

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