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Dark Messiah: Might and Magic Elements DLC: The Journals

Justin McElroy

Day 1: Well, the team and I just shipped off Dark Messiah: Might and Magic Elements and we're going to start on the DLC while we await the reviews. People are going to love it!

Day 7: Early reviews have been ... mixed. But we're trying hard to stay positive. We'll bet the true fans are just going to love the new maps, classes and weapons that we're creating. ... Right?

Day 14: Becky came in to give us the latest sales numbers today. "Seven," she said. After a while we asked her if she meant seven thousand or seven million. Then she sort of did this half cry and ran out of the room. Work continues.

Day 18: Work has slowed. Whatever map Sullivan's working on looks a lot like's front page and Murdock just sort of lies on the floor and listens to Bright Eyes records. I've developed an affinity for Kessler Whiskey. "Smooth as silk" indeed.

Day 19: The FolkLore DLC team just sent over a really nice gift basket, but at the bottom was a baggie of cyanide capsules with a note that read "Just In Case." How strange.

Day 20: Our two new classes are the Paladin and the Warlock. In my darker moments, they represent the two sides of my psyche, one urging me to finish this madness, this DLC for no one and one urging me just to run. To run and to never look back.

Day 21: [No entry]

Day 23: I'm back, and I've just had the most amazing realization. This is hell. I'm in hell, and my punishment is to create downloadable content that no one will ever see. That's the only way out, you see. I have to finish it.

Day 26: We buried Murdock, today. I don't want to talk about it.

Day 27: There, Beezelbub. It's finished. Take your blood offering, put it on Xbox Live Marketplace for 400 points and leave me be.

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