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Don't like Derek Smart's game? He'll refund your money

Justin McElroy

We're the first to admit that Derek Smart should not be looked at as a role model in all things. We're happy that most developers fix bugs before they're released, and we're (mostly) happy there aren't more devs vs. fans scraps on message boards. But what we do like is Smart's willingness to release his products for free after retails sales slow. Seriously, you can play a good chunk of the guy's cannon right here.

Now, he's taking things one step further, with a guarantee we're betting he wasn't counting on being as widely circulated as it has been. Posting on Blue's News, Smart said that if you buy his new game Galactic Command Echo Squad, and you don't like it, he'll refund your money. And he won't even invalidate your DRM license. Now that's something we'd like to see more devs promising. ... Now, to see if he follows through.

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