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Heaven or Hell! Aksys bringing Guilty Gear 2 Overture to Xbox 360

Jason Dobson

Proving that old sprites never die (they just go 3D), upstart publisher Aksys has confirmed that it will release Arc System Works' "tactical action game" Guilty Gear 2: Overture in North America this fall for the Xbox 360. The game, which takes characters from the Guilty Gear 2D fighting game series and injects them into a kind of bizarre amalgamation of 3D action and strategy, cannot help but remind us of last year's Soul Calibur Legends...and we're less than enthused to put ourselves through that experience again without some measure of alcohol.

The game is the latest attempt at reinventing the storied franchise, following 2004's Guilty Gear Isuka, which upped the ante by allowing up to 4 players slug it out in a chaotic battle royal. Overture instead turns its attention to the series' complicated, often convoluted post-apocalyptic storyline, with spiky-headed Sol Badguy and his rectangular sword leading the charge in large scale battles while "balancing resources and deploying troops." Frankly trying to wrap our heads around how this will all work has given us a headache, so we're just going to file this one away in our 'might be interesting' basket and go have a lie-down.

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