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How many times do you have to prove it?

Tateru Nino

One of Second Life's (non-sexual) child avatars -- let's call him "Joe" for the moment -- used Linden Lab's beta Age Verification system to forestall any issues of being possibly suspended for being an underage user.

Unfortunately, "Joe" was subsequently suspended after being abuse-reported as an underage user. Subject to an age-check, he had to provide copies of assorted government-issued identity documentation to Linden Lab's office, where, satisfied that he had proved he was an adult user, his account was re-enabled.

Unfortunately for "Joe", it doesn't end there.

"Joe" was reported and suspended again a month later. And guess what -- he has to send the same identity documentation in again, to prove that he's not a minor.

That apparently makes three times that "Joe" has had to prove his physical age in documentary form (once electronically, and two more times with faxed documentation).

The Second Life kids community is full of stories like these, as well as stories about adult avatars who are operated by users who boast publically about being underage users, yet have never been suspended or age-checked despite numerous reports. We know of at least three of the latter.

How many times is "Joe" going to have to prove his age?

Is there some limit or guideline as to how many times a user must provide documentary evidence of their age to Linden Lab before they are no longer at risk of suspension from abuse-reports alleging that they are underage users?

We've put that last question to Linden Lab, but in our experience, the answer will be something very similar to: "Linden Lab of course cannot comment on specific account sanctions or particular Residents."

We'll be surprised if we get something different, but we're not going to hold our breath on it.

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