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Krell, MartinLogan ElectroKID bundle takes iPod docks to new levels of excess


We've seen extravagant iPod docks before, but this Krell and MartinLogan "ElectroKID" bundle put together by the folks at Absolute Sounds makes just about all those other pretenders pale in comparison. At the heart of things here is the Krell KID iPod dock, which boasts " top-quality preamp circuitry" and is also available separately for a mere £1,350 (or about $2,700). That gets teamed up with a pair of MartinLogan Purity floorstanding speakers (£2,390, or $4,800 on their own), which each pack their own 200W power amp and, as you can see, make quite the statement in any room you place 'me in. If that's sounds like the missing piece to your iPod puzzle, you can get the complete system now for £3,740, or just over $7,500 (that's right, not even a discount to entice you).

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