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    No Country for Old Men gets reviewed on Blu-ray

    Darren Murph

    It's no surprise that this year's winner of Best Picture is garnering quite a bit of buzz on Blu-ray, so we figured it prudent to pass along a review for those still on the fence about adding it to their collection. Without giving away any of the plot, reviewers seemed quite pleased with the HD transfer, noting that the plethora of special effects were "highly defined" and the beauty of the location was able to really shine. As for audio, nothing was really frowned upon, but it was stated that the lossless track didn't add much over the Dolby Digital track considering the film's heavy reliance on dialogue. Unfortunately, the shining review headed south when we came to extras, as this disc has SD bonus features that do little to excite. Still, fans of the film are likely to find enough here in the feature presentation alone to make it worth owning, but those curious simply because of its recently acquired accolades may be better off renting first.

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